Your Ultimate Guide to Wood Types Used for Furniture

wood types used for furniture

Your Ultimate Guide to Wood Types Used for Furniture

Wood is one of the most common material used to build furniture. Almost every type of wood can be used to create furniture. Some types of common woods have their own distinctive marks that in just one look, you will be able to identify its type. Wood has different characteristics as well and could bring different degrees of beauty, emphasis and warmth to your home.

With this guide, we will be giving you some of the most popular wood types available. We are also going to explain their characteristics and color for you to easily identify types of wood just by looking at them.

First off, we start with the difference between Hardwood vs. Softwood.

Hardwood comes from deciduous trees that drop their leaves every year and produces seeds, also called as broad-level trees. While Softwood comes from trees that have needles and does not produce sees, also known as conifer trees.

Hardwood is also much darker in color and commonly expensive, while softwoods are lighter and quite cheaper than hardwood. Despite their differences, both are popular in the furniture industry.



1. Ash Wood

philippines ash wood

The Ash wood is a tough hardwood known for its great bending abilities. They are used for pieces of furniture such as chairs with curved backs. They are smooth, strong and durable and has a light brown color with straight grain. It is a versatile type of wood that can be used in various items. Between traditional and modern, Ash wood is the ideal wood to create furniture.’

2. Beech Wood

beech wood philippines

This type of wood is known to be strong, hard, and heavy. It has a fine tight grain in texture that is light in color. Beech wood is also shock resistant. It is popular when it comes to making furniture whereas workers and woodworkers love this type of wood as it is easy to work against the grain. Furniture made from beech wood can give your home an elegant look because of its clean surface presentation. Experts refer to Beech wood as a hard-wearing wood which is good for the long run.

3. Maple Wood

maple wood philippines

This type of wood is also durable and heavy. It is strong and is moisture resistant. Maple wood has two type, soft maple, which has a straight delicate grain and varies from cream to dark red, while hard maple tends to be an off-white cream color. What makes the Maple wood attractive are its natural swirls on the wood grain. This type of wood is also ideal for furniture as it also long-lasting and sustainable with proper care.

4. Mahogany Wood

mahogany philippines

Mahogany wood is known to be one of the most expensive woods in the market, also known as the most valuable wood in the world. Its color varies from medium brown to deep red depending on its age. Mahogany wood is versatile and could give a traditional touch to your home. Builders prefer Mahogany wood since it is easy to work with. Mahogany wood is resistant to bug infestations, stains and even water damage.

5. Narra Wood

narra philippines

The Narra wood is a type of wood that is known within Asia and Africa. It is one of the hardest wood in the world, therefore, Narra wood is ideal in making furniture. Its durability can be passed from the current owners to generations and generations. Narra also has a natural resistance against pests such as termites but should still be taken good care for the long run.

6. Oak Wood

oak philippines

This type of wood is known to be durable and heavy. It also lasts for a lifetime because of that. The Oak wood comes in two shades, red oak, which is reddish, and white oak, which comes in colors brown or grey. Its wavy grains will give your furniture a distinctive look that makes it eye-catchy in your home.

7. Pine Wood

philippines pine wood

This type of wood is affordable compared to others. It is lightweight yet durable too. Pine wood blends well with other types of wood which makes it perfect when you have existing wooden furniture at your home, it will be easy to match. This is also resistant to wearing and could last a lifetime. Pine wood is naturally pleasing to the eye making your home more beautiful and appealing.

8. Walnut Wood

walnut philippines

Walnut wood is known for its strength and durability. It has straight grains and is also available in different colors such as whiter shades to rich chocolate brown color. It is solid and could last for a long time as well. Having Walnut furniture can complement your décor at home. With its natural variety, it can give your home a unique and interesting appearance. Walnut furniture is an asset in every home.




1. Fiberboard

fiberboard philippines

This is an inexpensive manufactured wood made from breaking down hard or soft woods into fiber. They are made by bonding it with wax, resin and heat. It can hold paint well and is quick and easy to install. It provides insulation for rooms where some fiberboard is.

2. Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)

mdf philippines

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) is known to be strong and considerably more popular. It is one of the most widely used manufactured wood in the market today especially in furniture shops. MDF is strong and dense and could last longer compared to other types, but then, it is no solid wood.

3. Particle Board

particle board philippines

Also known as Chipboard, this type of engineered wood is made from wood chips and shavings that are bonded together with resin. They are dense and are popular when making furniture. It is commonly used with a veneer surface. Particle boards are environment-friendly since they are made from scraps of other lumber products. It delivers no waste when Particle board is being manufactured.

4. Plywood

plywood philippines

Plywood are layers bonded together at alternating right angles which makes it a very strong manufactured wood. Plywood is popular in furniture and flooring industries since they are easy to paint and polish. It is also less expensive compared to other manufactured wood.

5. Veneer

veneer philippines

Veneer came from a thin layer of wood from a circumference of a tree. Veneers are usually bonded onto a dense piece of wood which is typically MDF, Plywood or Chipboard. Some people think that veneers are often used in high-end furniture and can cost more than solid wood. It also provides aesthetics like natural wood with less cost. They provide strength to your furniture which provides additional support to a specific furniture.

These are some of the most popular wood types that are used in furniture everywhere. Wooden furniture is known to be strong, durable, and could last in the long run with proper care and maintenance.

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