Isabela House of Narra is owned by Rebecca Roque-Tulba. The idea of producing furniture didn’t came as an immediate business. It was more of a favor given to friends and neighbors requesting for furniture, knowing that she came from Ilagan, Isabela where wood furniture are highly made and produced. Inspired by this many request, after a year, she decided to continue it as a registered business.


It started as a furniture production type of business or what we call it “made-to-order” furniture. And after years of experience in this business, learning to perfect the craft of wood furniture, it expanded its services to different types of services. And now, many have come to know and trust the name and workmanship of Isabela House of Narra. And by means of “word of mouth”, it expanded its market not only in the nearby villages, to different cities in Metro Manila and begun to be known by foreign clients for export.

Company Profile

Isabela House of Narra was established and founded in the year 1987. Its business is located at the City of Parañaque. It is known for its craftsmanship and quality in wood furniture for over 2 decades now. The name Isabela House of Narra is a name trusted by many through its years of experience and the delivery it produces with its services and products.


It remains competitive with its designs and prices without under minding the quality of work. Quality is its main business and its goal is the satisfaction of client.


To produce creative and quality furniture for homes and offices.


To create and be versatile in variety of designs from classic to modern.


To patronize local wood craftsmanship and encourage people to do it as well.


To give opportunity to out of school young men to be trained in this field and eventually to reach something greater when they focus on their goals and be hardworking.


To expand and be competitive internationally.


To be a source of work and opportunity to the locals.



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